Friday, October 31, 2014

Full heart

My heart is incredibly full right now. For the first time since my children began to marry and have families, we are all together on a vacation. We -all twenty of us -have descended on Walt Disney World to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

It's an incredible blessing to have children and grandchildren. It's amazing when they all like each other and get along well. And it's a special gift, when one has battled cancer and seen the end of life in the rear view mirror, to be able to see something like this.

I don't think people who have never touched their own potential demise can fully grasp the way it changes you. I say that because I've always been someone who believed in grabbing every memory and making the most of every moment of life, yet I never fully appreciated my life until I faced the possibility that it might be taken from me. It changed who I am and I approach every day now with renewed gratitude and love. So this gift, this time together, is amazing and I am so full my heart feels as though it might break.

I had no idea when I married this man forty years ago that I would have all these incredible people in my life. I knew I was happy. But I guess I didn't fully understand what true happiness really is.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


The Disney magic is still very much alive down here in FL and we're enjoying it immensely. Because they know we're celebrating our anniversary we find things like swan sculptures made out of towels, and silk hibiscus scattered all over our bed when the maid has been here. People everywhere in Disney World are friendly and helpful and I wonder if there must be some sort of personality test they give applicants because I've never been anywhere-including church-where people seem so happy and friendly. It truly is Walt's vision for a better world. One can't help but wonder why the world can't be more like this place.

Their marketing people are incredible. When a line begins to form at the check-in counter at the hotel, more agents magically appear. When there are people waiting to pay for their purchases in a shop, suddenly additional check out counters are opened. They work hard to make every experience as pleasant and unstressful as possible. And it works. We are relaxed and smiling. It feels good to be taken care of for a change.

I think I'd like to live here. It may not be the real world, but I like the illusion...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Well all the agita about flying yesterday was worse than the actual event. The skies were clear and calm, take-off and landing were smooth, and I could see the ground the whole flight.

Of course the seats were still cramped and I felt claustrophobic, and the annoying people getting their things out of the overhead bins were annoying (shouldn't those of us with nothing stowed be allowed to disembark first?) and the long line of wheelchairs that got priority boarding made me think someone was taking advantage of the system (I have nothing against people in wheelchairs but it seems odd that there were twenty for pre-boarding and only about 5 that met us in Orlando). So the whole flying thing still annoys me. But I wasn't miserable and was grateful for calmer nerves than usual.

And everyone at Disney World is so pleasant and kind that it's impossible to ever get annoyed at anyone even when the computers are down and it takes 30 minutes to get checked in to the resort. Now we are officially on Disney time and life is good.

I'm excited about the day ahead and even more excited about seeing our grandchildren when they arrive tonight. Some of them have never experienced Disney magic before. And the magic has already begun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today is getaway day for us and I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done over the next week as we fill our time with family and Mickey Mouse. This is a long-planned trip with the entire family, all twenty of us, and I'm beyond excited. My only issue is the fear of flying and sadly we can't really get there without that part of it all so I need to suck it up and get on the plane before the real fun can begin.

Well....hopefully I'll be able to catch a few minutes here and there to tell you about my adventures with all these kids and Mickey and Minnie. But if I miss a day here and there I promise to be back with stories soon. Because there WILL be stories!

Monday, October 27, 2014


I'm feeling a bit lost today as I don't have my twin granddaughters here as I usually do on Monday mornings. They have already left for Florida where we'll meet up with them later this week, so no babysitting today. It seems odd!

It really is amazing how accustomed we get to our routines, good or bad. They are habits, and as thus hard to break. And with children we miss their presence when they're gone. I can always tell when we haven't seen the family in Pennsylvania for more than 6 weeks because I can't get them out of my mind. Like every other habit we know when its time to satiate our longing! And with the twins, its every Monday! Except today.

I'll be seeing them Thursday so it won't be long now, but today I'm definitely feeling their absence.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Today I have to start packing for our family trip to Disney World and thus the stress begins. Which clothes should I take? Will I need a sweater? Will I need different shoes? How about a rain coat? Do I have enough underwear to last without doing laundry? And of course "What am I forgetting?"

I have to constantly remind myself when I travel to my daughter's house in PA that she is literally 2 minutes from a 24 hour drug/convenience store so there is hardly anything I could leave home that I couldn't easily pick up there. I think its my curse to be overly organized and prepared for anything because it gets in my way when I want to stand back and enjoy the experience. I'm always worrying about the "what ifs".

This trip is especially that way because we are going to Disney World. Now I realize that Disney World is not outside the realm of civilization, but the thing is, we won't have a car so leaving Disney property will be difficult. They make it so darn easy to stay on their property there that who needs a car? Except that anything you need to replace costs twice as much in a Disney convenience store as it would at the CVS two minutes away by car....if you only had one....

Well - I need to take a chill pill and, as Disney has reminded us so well of late, "let it go". Vacations are not for stressing about.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


After nearly three full days of rain the sun has finally come out for the weekend and we're all glad. I'm not sure how the wonderful people who live in Seattle can handle all that rain, but a few gray days in a row is enough for me. I'm ready for sunshine again.

Even in the depths of winter there is the beauty of sunlight and the way it bounces off the snow and brightens our days mirrors the way it lifts our spirits. We are people who long for light. It's a basic of life, just as the rain and water are, but spiritually it completes us as well. This weekend is making us all feel better because we can see and feel the sun.

We're heading to Florida soon and although I'm not a big fan of the heat and cannot see myself ever moving there, I have to admit to a little thrill every time I've stepped out into that brilliant sun when flying in for a few days. The air, the colors - everything is brighter and lighter there. I like that.

So - the dark is gone for a bit and we'll enjoy the sunshine for now. We know the rain (or snow) will be back, any time now....

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dark days

We've had some rain this week and the days have been darker than usual. Even with that I notice how the sun is setting earlier and our nights are stretching into the morning later and later.

I love the fact that just after the nights become long and dark, we have the holidays to look forward to. I'm already wrapping Christmas gifts and thinking about parties in December, not to mention planning seating for Thanksgiving. As the family grows all those things become more plentiful and complicated. We can no longer sit at one table and I've been thinking of ordering a small child-sized folding table. The little ones outgrow then fairly quickly, but for the next few years at least, I think we need one.

These are busy days in my life and I treasure them. I'm grateful to be busy and healthy and all that means. I'm happy to have one more holiday season with the people I love.

The days are getting darker but my heart is always light.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


We are always doing home improvements projects around our house. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and I think that's very true as we have had to learn how to do all sorts of things since we moved into this house. We've always been on a tight budget (the "necessity") and have taught ourselves - or had friends who taught us - how to accomplish the things we need to (the "invention").

My husband is especially accomplished now. He has always been clever and handy when it comes to fixing and making things. His father was similarly constrained by budget and therefore he learned by watching in some cases. He also has been a quick learned when friends offer assistance and share their knowledge, so at this point in his life he's pretty good at doing a lot of things with his own hands. I've learned at his side, painting rooms and hanging sheet rock, and taught myself the bass of decorating through magazines, books, and observation. There is no shortage of beautifully decorated homes here on the East End and careful study is key.

Yes, necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and we've invented plenty here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finally fall

I feel as though fall has finally arrived here on the east end and I'm so glad! I am sleeping better and enjoying the cool, crisp autumnal weather that is here at last.

There is a real difference in the color of the sky in autumn. It probably has to do with the angle of the light as the sun moves into position for the new season. It illuminates my living room in the late afternoon, dappled shadows falling on the furniture and carpeting. There's an orange haze that settles in as the sun drops below the tree line and colors the horizon.

It's a season of change - more so than the others. Winter to spring and summer to autumn are transitions that change the landscape, the atmosphere, and the colors everywhere. Big changes are coming in the next weeks - leaves changing colors, then falling to the ground revealing bare branches and skeletal forms and opening up our views where they were once obscured.

So we are in transition and life is moving forward, month to month, year to year. And the world is changing before our eyes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


When I went through chemotherapy five years ago I lost all my hair - ALL of it - and thankfully most all of it grew back. All with the exception of my eyebrows. Which leads to some interesting situations.

Every morning I use a water proof make up to draw in some eyebrows. It's amazing what a difference eyebrows make on a person's face! When I wake up in the morning and they are not there, my face has very little expression. Eyebrows really do convey so much in the way of our facial expressions and without them we look very different. Fortunately most people will never have to experience that for themselves, but I have. So I faithfully put them on every day.

I resist the use of eyebrow pencils because I've seen too many people who us them and look it. I prefer this other make up because I think it looks more realistic. I apply it with a brush and try to do t with strokes to duplicate the look of individual hairs as opposed to a solid line. Some days I do a better job than others. But here's the funny thing: if I sweat a lot it will come off. So the summer means constantly checking to see if my eyebrows are still in tact.

The other day I as working around the house and managed to perspire enough to completely obliterate one of my eyebrows. Without realizing it I then went to a meeting. It was only hours later when I happened to look in the mirror that I realized I had only one eyebrow. I can only imagine how strange that looked to all the other people at the meeting. I'm still shaking my head over it.....

Monday, October 20, 2014


I'm having a hard time figuring out the panic that seems to be so pervasive right now over the ebola outbreak.

Listen I'm as worried as the next person about a serious epidemic in this country and being part of the EMS system make me think about it - a lot.  But when I see people on Facebook wondering if they should get on a plane for their vacation, or plan a cruise for the winter, I kind of shake my head. I mean, at this point, with three confirmed cases in Texas, thousands of miles away from here, I think our chances of getting hit by lightening are much higher than catching ebola. And despite the fact that planes crash and cruise ships occasionally sink, it doesn't seem to bother people enough to keep them at home. So where is the logic in this?

I think it goes back to our basic fear of things that we learned about when we were growing up. hings like bubonic plague, the black death, or even more recently, polio. Those are horror stories from our history and I think we all fear such a thing happening in our time.

But reality needs to get a hold here. Until tings get much much worse, we need to all chill a little.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I think the relationship with one's doctor is unique and weird.

There is a certain decorum that goes along with a patient/doctor relationship. We aren't supposed to be overly familiar to maintain our professional veneer. Yet we are more intimate with them than with almost anyone else in our lives. We are totally at their mercy, and yet we pay them well to be so. I mean, it is totally bizarre if you think about it, right?

I have more doctors now than I ever thought I would. I have surgeons and oncologists, podiatrists, and dermatologists. I have to keep the all straight and see them regularly and I love the for taking are of me and I hate the for having to. Like I said - a very strange relationship.

And this week coming up I have two appointments. What it is we say about youth being wasted on the wrong people? I never appreciated back then how nice it was not to see a doctor for years at a time....

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Some things really make me feel my age.

Last night we wanted to go listen to a band play at a local club because I'm on a committee looking for a live band for our annual dinner. So when we saw that this one we were considering would be playing locally it seemed like a good idea to go hear them. Until...

We discovered that they would begin playing at 10:00. P.M. That's 10:00 pm.

Now I an stay up late at night and occasionally I do - like when we go to dinner at a friend's house, or go to a special event in the evening. But this is a little different because we are not bar people and hanging out in a bar for hours would not be fun for us. We aren't big drinkers. So that meant we needed to hang around our house until time to go see the band perform.

How do you do that without falling asleep? We managed to do it, and neither of us took a nap, but its wasn't easy. I had to get up ever so often and take a walk and keep myself alert enough to actually be able to go to a club.

I know there is a whole generation out there that never goes to bed before midnight. But that's not mine.  At my age I know better...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Color color color

Autumn is in full swing now and there is color everywhere. I love it.

My favorite sights are the trees that are only partially changed over. Some have tips that are bright orange or they are half yellow or red - maybe it has to do with the way the sunlight hits them, I don't know. But it is striking. My drive to work down Route 114 is beautiful right now and the next few weeks promise to be stunning. I love the colors of the fall.

Interestingly some trees are still nice and green while others are already dropping their leaves. It's been an odd season with some hot days still appearing here and there, and perhaps that's contributing to the odd way its all progressing. It seems to me that usually everything happens at once, with a blaze of color around every corner. Right now its hit or miss. Maybe its still to come, I'm not sure, but I'm waiting for the full effect.

Autumn is fleeting and this beauty won't last long. But I'm loving every minute of it while its here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I can't remember a time when I wasn't working. I mean, making money at something.

I got my first job when I was 14 at a local clothing store. I walked to work every day all summer and learned so much that year, especially the fact that making money gives you a sense of self-esteem that cannot be earned any other way.

I worked every summer until I left school and the I got a full time job that lasted until I had my first baby when I decided not to work full time. Even in those years when I was an "at home mom" I was always working part time at something. I made desserts for a caterer, I did free lance art work, I did bookkeeping at a local business, and I did my best to contribute to the household expenses until my kids ere all in school at which point I went back to part time work at various places, which I'm still doing.

The fact of the matter is I feel better when I'm bringing home a paycheck. I feel at though I'm participating in the household and in some way helping out. If I ever had to support myself completely though, I would be in trouble.

But today I am going to work. I'm going to earn some money and I'm going to feel as though I contribute to society in some small way. Very small. But its something. At least for my mental state.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It always feels great to be back home. I mean no matter how much we enjoy our trips, being back in our own beds is a great feeling, right?

Of course coming home is a mixed blessing. By the time I go through all the messages on the machine and sort through all the mail I wonder why exactly I made the trip back. Getting away from our every day issues. Immediately I was pulled into the things I was happy to escape from. And life is back to normal again.

Well - my normal is pretty good so despite the fact that our trips are ever long enough or restful enough to be the true respite that I need, I don't min coming back. Because life is good here.

I would love to be ale to read a novel in a week though. Especially sitting in a comfy couch on a screened in porch, looking out over the mountains, or across a nice lake someplace, with no phone or computer or email. And if I never had to make a meal or clean anything that would be really nice too. Yes, I could get into that.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Today is another travel day and we should be on the road fairly early to get back to Bonac by just after noon. It always takes me a few hours to feel like I'm really "home" again. I need to sort any mail and check the phone messages. And sit in my living room for awhile to readjust to the aura of my space. But I always know I'll sleep well when I finally get to bed and that's a great feeling.

We don't do a lot of traveling. Between costs and times it just doesn't happen for us, but I love my house so its not the end of the world to be there! We do drive to Pennsylvania a lot though, knowing that as we get older those trips will be more difficult to accomplish. Were it not for the need to get through NYC, driving in the worst of traffic to get there, we would probably do it more often, but the city dictates everything, from the time we leave East Hampton to the route we have to take, carefully listening to news reports of any traffic issues. I totally understand why people retire to the south where the biggest cities are like driving through Riverhead and the highways amount to a few cars on nice roads, simple for anyone to navigate. Getting off Long Island is always the worst part of any trip.

Well today we'll be happy to be home again. And we'll be missing these that we are leaving behind. Life is such a contradiction.

Monday, October 13, 2014


This is a strange holiday to me. There is no religious aspect of it and there is no real national celebration to note, it's just to commemorate a day in history when an explorer happened on a place he wasn't really looking for and had no idea he had found. The "new world" they called it. I wonder had Columbus not happened upon it, how long would it have been before it was discovered by someone else? And since it was already inhabited, how would that possibly have changed our history as a nation if it had happened many years later? So many questions come to mind.

Of course our history is a very euro-central one, with little consideration for the civilization that already existed here on the North American continent. Had the native Americans progressed a little farther in their own history things truly would have been different. The Europeans may have come and pillaged, just s the Norsemen did to the British Isles back in the day, but they would not have been able to conquer as they did in the 1500s. I can't help but wonder how history is shaped by so many things, both planned and unplanned.

In any case today we celebrate the man who had the guts to make the trip across the ocean to the unknown all those generations ago. If he had not I might be living in England right now.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


We were given a very generous gift very recently. A friend was getting rid of a completely landscaped property and offered us whatever we wanted to take. This past week our yard has been like a construction site as large specimen bushes and trees have been brought in, irrigation installed, and trucks taking up every spare piece of land available to park on. With no parking available in front of our house its not easy to accomplish these things!

I love seeing things evolve and take shape and this has been no exception. Some things have been moved from one place to another, other empty spaces have been filled, and the yard has slowly been transformed. Suddenly we are looking more lush and lovely here at our house and I'm loving it.

I'm already wondering how we can use outdoor lights for Christmas this year, making use of some of our new foliage. The mind is going wild with the thoughts....

Saturday, October 11, 2014


We decided to take advantage of this holiday weekend and drive down to Pennsylvania to visit my daughter and her family there. I love Pennsylvania at this time of the year.

Of course I love it everywhere this time of year, but Pennsylvania is especially pretty, because it has more hills and valleys, more like New England and upstate New York do. It makes for the most incredible vistas of changing leaves in the autumn, and often they are out weeks before ours are at home so its fun to stretch the season by going back and forth.

She is also close to Amish country so that's another treat, watching the farmers get their fields ready for winter, harvesting and rolling their hay, and working, always working with their horses. It's a step back in time and at the same time so modern as we all look to get back to simpler times and greener options for energy, food, and all types of consumption.

I love to be in Pennsylvania for Columbus Day weekend - and this year I am. Lucky me.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Sure enough, as the rain clouds moved out to seas on Wednesday morning the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful fall day. I love fall days!

I had to drive to Southampton for an eye exam, which I may say are becoming more depressing as the years go by now. I am so tired of hearing doctors of every sort starting sentences with "At your age....." But that's another story really.

What I wanted to say was the drive back to East Hampton was glorious. The sun was shining, the clouds were off in the distance, reminding me of the thunder and lightening we'd had only a few hours before, and the world looked clean and damp and pretty. I noticed things I hadn't in awhile, like the new house being build in Wainscott, and the business going into the empty building in Southampton. It was a nice day to drive and observe - traffic was light and stress was low!

The great thing about life is that no matter how bad the storm is, the sun always comes out eventually.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Early day

I'm hoping to be out of the house by 7 this morning to get over to the church and get my work done. We're working on a quick getaway this weekend to take advantage of the holiday Monday. So there is work to be done!

It was an early morning some 36 year ago now. I woke to the sure feeling that I was going to give birth as all the signs were there. This was not my first time around this block so I had a good idea what to expect and I was right about this one.

I called out to my husband before even dressing and told him we needed to head to the hospital. Later that day my second child was born, a beautiful little girl we would call Elizabeth, after her maternal grandmother. She was a healthy 9lbs 10oz and was the talk of the nursery at the hospital. One nurse told me she thought this baby was ready for meat and potatoes.

The four days that my children were born are days I can remember in their entirety, every minute and every detail of. It amazes me really, because there are no other times I can remember in such stark reality. But this date, all these years later, I remember well. I suppose because it changed my life in ways I could not even imagine. And because it was one of my only opportunities to assist God in a miracle.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Today we had a dumping of rain in the early hours. It didn't last long and it was certainly welcome, but left in its wake a mess that I had to navigate to get to the grocery store.

When I left the house it was still sprinkling, but I wanted to get there early top avoid the crowds. I parked on Collins Avenue and had to ford a stream to get to the sidewalk as the water was running down the street at a pretty good clip, dumping into the storm drain which unfortunately needed cleaning as leave sand other debris were clogging it up somewhat.

When I got home I had to park my car half onto the walkway as there was a hug puddle in the driveway that meant I would not be able to get the groceries out without getting my shoes wet at least up to 4 inches. No thanks! But I managed to get everything in the house and put away without too much difficulty.

The rain has stopped now, although the sun has certainly not come out. I see signs that it will though, with a bright area peeking through the clouds off to the west.

There is promise in the day. Always.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Double trouble

Watching these twin girls grow up is a treat for sure. They don't call it "double trouble" for nothing I guess!

I love that they are distinctly different in both looks and personality. I also love that they are the same age and I can see the differences so clearly. And I love seeing them interact with each other.

The other day when I had them I asked them if they wanted some yogurt. One said "no" immediately and walked away. The other said "yes" and I proceeded to get some yogurt and sit down to give it to her. The minute I put the spoon into that yogurt and one saw the other going for it,. she immediately came over and wanted some. She was not going to allow her sister to have something she wasn't getting!

Ah...human nature at its best. I only want it if it has value to someone else. Twins do show us human nature in its purest form....

Monday, October 6, 2014


Today I've been dealing with internet issues and have been unable to get online to post a blog since early this morning. And it makes me realize how dependent we've become on our internet access!

It was not that many years ago when the internet was an unknown. I had no Facebook, no email, and no blog and I managed my life very well, thank you so much! But here I am feeling helpless and cut off from the world all day because my internet was down. Sad, right?

I wonder sometimes how different my life might have been had I been able to have internet when my children were young. I remember all the sewing, knitting, and crocheting I managed to do when I was "homebound", picking up some sort of needlework project every time the children were sleeping or playing peacefully. Honestly, I'm glad I didn' have a computer then because I doubt I would have made anything with my hands. I would have nothing to show for my years of being home with kids other than grown children.

Then again, perhaps I would have been able to pursue that elusive college degree I've often wished I had, or write the book I've dreamed of writing. I supposed those options might not have been bad would they?

Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad after all...

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Today is my husband's birthday and I realize that we have now celebrated well over forty birthday together. Other than my siblings, I have not celebrated that many birthdays with anyone else in my life. (I can say that since I lose my dear friend last spring to cancer as she and I would have had that distinction were she still with us,)

So here we are celebrating a wedding yesterday and a birthday today and I am struck with how quickly time is racing by us now that we are in the latter stages of middle age. How is it possible that I can remember my 5th birthday so well and here it is nearly sixty years later?

When we were newly together, my husband and I, our birthday celebrations were lavish affairs, with nice gifts and balloons and such. After all, we were both working and little else to spend our money on. As the years passed and we had a family and reduced to one income, our birthdays became more dates on the calendar than anything else and we had to engage the children to make them special times, with handmade cards and candles on a cake. But those were dates to remember as kids make every celebration special.

Now we can once again afford to do something nice to celebration, but we both have the important things in life and need for nothing really. So again our special days are more about family than anything else.

At the end of the day, our relationships are what matter in life. And every milestone celebrated becomes a family triumph. Just as it should be.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Today we are attending the wedding of the daughter of some very good friends of ours. In fact we've known this girl since she was born and have watched her grow up to become a talented and beautiful young woman. What a nice occasion to be able to celebrate with these people!

I am so often reminded ow how our lives take these turns every so many years. For so long we were surrounded by friends getting married, then having babies, then graduation parties, and now weddings for their children and showers for their grandchildren. We cycle through life going from one phase to another, one age to another, watching as life passes us by and in turn handing off the baton to the next generation to continue the cycle.

Its wonderful seeing children grow up and become real people with great abilities and special attributes. I love watching the process from infant to toddler to grade school, etc, and seeing it all come to fruition as they marry and begin their own lives. It is a wonderful thing. It gives me faith in God's perfect plans and hope for the world. Each generation will hopefully improve o the ones before it.

Yes, today we are attending a wedding. And being part of the process laid out for us in the very beginning of time.

Friday, October 3, 2014


I work at a job where a number of AA groups meet regularly and sometimes I am astonished at the number of people who attend meetings. I guess I can't imagine that drinking is such a problem for so many people because its hardly even an issue in my own life.

But then I remember what is. For me its food. I guess I just cannot seem to come to terms with how much I should be eating because I can't ever seem to lose weight to the point where I'm happy. Or maybe its the type of food that I'm addicted to. I don't know which, but it makes me realize that there are all kinds of addictions in the human condition and we are all in the same boat, just sitting in different seats.

Of course I saw that many year ago now, from the time I was in high school actually. I had a friend who ate like a horse and was as skinny as a rail. If I ate half of what she did I would gain weight. In the meantime I struggles to keep the weight off while starving myself half the time. So in truth she may have had more of an addiction to food than I did, but for me it was a deadly addiction.

Isn't it interesting how different we are, both in body and soul? We try our best (most of us) to keep everything in our lives in a healthy balance, and yet still we have our issues. We certainly are complex creatures, aren't we?

Thursday, October 2, 2014


On a Facebook page that  am a member of, people who lived or still live here on the East End of Long Island share memories and ask questions about things they cannot quite pull from the memory banks. I find it sets me off on days of nostalgia at times as, in the most recent post, someone asked about what business was once in a particular building along one of our major streets here.  I immediately remembered walking down the street past that particular building and could tell what was there simply by "walking backwards through my mind". (I put that in quotations because it comes right from one of the wisest of all teachers, "Sesame Street".)

Because I lived in the village I walked to and from school most of my growing up years. I walked to kindergarten, I walked to elementary school, and I walked to high school. The only times I was given a ride by my long suffering mother was when I had to take my clunky saxophone, was not often enough. So I walked by the businesses along Newtown Lane nearly every day of my life for thirteen years. I do remember those stores.

I enjoy waking walks down memory lane because they take me back to a wonderful time of life, for the most part. And the memories make me smile.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Late agan

Late again - I must be losing it here!

I have been doing this blog every day for quite a few years now. It's hard to believe that I've been missing a lot lately. What gives?

I like to think it's a result of my busier lifestyle - I took on yet another job last year and it does indeed infringe on my time somewhat. I've been able to fit most everything into my schedule OK but....apparently things do fall through the cracks. Like today.

I also know that getting older means getting more forgetful. But I prefer to believe it has more to do with my schedule than my age. That may be a matter f self-defense..or self deception...but its easier for me to live with in any case.