Sunday, August 31, 2014


Last night we attended the annual fireworks at Main Beach and since it was or daughter's birthday we took advantage of the event to celebrate her special day. I had her sons convinced that the fireworks were arranged b me for her birthday celebration.

The fireworks have certainly evolved through the years but I think for the better. When we were children they were always on the 4th of July when we could wait until dusk and drive right up to the beach, jump out of the truck, and go find ourselves a patch of sand with plenty of room around it.

Over the years this became a huge event, with tens of thousands of people gathering to watch at the many beaches and other areas around the village where they could be seen. It became so crowded that for a number of years we actually stopped going.

Then when I was elected to office in the village I learned I could get a coveted spot to park up at the beach and actually sit with  my family upstairs at the pavilion where we literally had the best seats in the house. So we started attending again. But the traffic was horrendous and it would often take us fifteen minutes to make our way home all those 2 miles. Police presence and organization was great, but it was a hassle.

About ten years ago, the date had to be moved to Labor Day weekend because of the nesting habits of the piping plovers, which are small shore birds on the endangered species list. Because of their nests the crowds and noise from the event could not be held and was moved. And now, every Labor Day we head to Main Beach for our special show. The crowds have diminished considerably and when we look down from our perch on high we can actually see sand between the people. In fact, it has become much more the way it used to be when we were young, with mostly local people coming out to enjoy the show.

Of course the down side is that the donations have dropped off as the fire department collects money for next year's show every year right there at the head of the beach. But so far the tradition continues and we still go as a family and enjoy every minute of it. This year the twins were old enough to know what was going on and as my husband held one on his lap next to me and I watch her face taking in the spectacle with a combination of awe and wonder, I knew that this was what it was all about. A perfect ending to our birthday celebration.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Labor" day

When I gave birth for the first time in 1975, it was on the Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend. I went into labor Friday evening and stayed home as long as I could, but headed to the hospital late Friday night. My first born came into the world about 3:30 in the morning Saturday, August 30th. So it was a Labor Day weekend like this one, with the dates falling the same way.

It's interesting to me how vivid the memory is despite the fact that is it nearly 40 years old. How many thing can we even remember from 40 years ago, and yet this, the birth of a child, is indelibly etched on my mind, from the long line of headlights we passed as we drove to Southampton Hospital against the holiday traffic, to the faces of the nurses and the smell of the delivery room. It says something about our life experiences that this is one thing never to be forgotten, not a single detail.

I remember the security guard who meet us at the door and the long empty hallways he pushed down because the addition to the hospital was not officially opened yet and there was still brown paper lining the floors as we made our way to the old section. And I remember being wheeled back through the same corridors two days later to be taken home with this new baby. I was twenty-three years old. What did I know about raising a child?

Well many Labor Day weekend have passed since that most memorable one. And to this day, it is a weekend with a double meaning for me. There was no rest from my labors that year. In fact, it was the beginning of a long labor that would last years and years.

Friday, August 29, 2014


This is a beautiful time of year in the garden. All the flowers are lush and full, adding sparks of color around every corner. I have mostly all perennials at my house, with only pots holding annuals that are re-done every year. When I walked in from the car the other day ad saw the bright yellow daisies with the black centers completely filling the corner of the walkway where we planted the bush years ago, it made me smile. An unexpected treat. Most of the summer is is a dull green bush, but when it bursts into bloom it is a beautiful sight.

East Hampton is colorful and beautiful right now. Although our own lawn is brown from lack of water, most are green from their irrigation systems and the gardens are full. I miss my mother's impatiens - she used to plant dozens and dozens of them every year to outline here perennial garden. By late summer they were gorgeous. But she had to fight the deer for them, spraying them regularly with something that smelled terrible. I just don't have the tie or inclination for that kind of work so the only impatiens we have are in the flower boxes, up where the deer can't get to them.

I also miss the hydrangeas this year - there are almost none with any blossoms. Apparently the harsh winter and spring was not good for them. Hopefully next year will be better as they are my favorite source of bouquets for the house. I have missed them for sure.

Like baseball, there's always next year. But for now, what we have is quite nice thank you very much!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last hurrah

So here we are on Wednesday
of Labor Day weekend - winding down to the last hurrah of the summer.

Yesterday was actually humid for the first time in a long time. I broke a sweat every time I started to do anything the took the least little exertion. I made the mistake of washing m hair in the morning and in no time my nice clean hair was wet with perspiration. Sigh....

Well still - no complaints. It has been a beautiful summer and next week is September - my favorite month. September is what I think of as the summer for locals. The crowds are gone and the weather is fine and the nights comfortable. So bring it on.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Nearly every night this week I have a meeting to attend. I don't really mind it at this time of the year because it's still light out at 8:00, but once the winter comes I really don't like meetings at night.

Which brings me to another annoyance of age: deteriorating eyesight. Now I have never had goo eyesight ad I've been wearing glasses since I was in the forth grade, so bad vision is not a new thing t me, but the whole night driving thing is and I don't like it. I am getting used to the reading glasses, although I often forget them when I need them and I'm not at home where i have a pair within reach everywhere in the house. And that is annoying.  But at least there is a fix for that. There is o fix for poor night vision.

So, I try to find someone to provide transportation whenever possible at night, and make do when I can't, but it is always annoying. I think it's probably just the fat that its a reminder of my age that is the worst part. It's almost like those annoying mirrors I have to look into at the beginning and ending of every day. There's just no getting around it. I'm getting old. And so are my eyes.

Monday, August 25, 2014


We are now in the final week of August and quickly sliding towards September. How can that be?

With only a few weeks left of official summer, I think its safe to say this one will go down in history as one of the nicest. It was comfortably warm with low humidity and only  few days tat were uncomfortable all season. What more could anyone ask for?

So here we are are counting down the days until the kids go back to school, the tourists go back to New York, and our lives go back to "normal"?.

Although I usually look forward to the cooler weather, I can say with all honesty this year I wouldn't mind if the summer lasted a little longer. I can handle this kind of summer!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Yesterday I made a typo writing "sin" instead of "sun" and someone suggested that perhaps it was a Freudian slip. Hmmmm. Well if I weren't such a bad typist I might agree but my mind always goes faster than my fingrs and my fingers are not very efficient. I wish I had paid more attention in typing class, but I wasn't going to be a secretary so why bother? Ha! If only we could go back and do things differently in our lives!

I live with spell check. In fact I have done a couple paying jobs in my life that I never could have done were it not for the popularity of computers. I would have spent all my time using "white out" and never could have managed carbon copies with all the typos I would have made. Does anyone know what carbon copies are anymore???

Well typos are my regular things now and of course spell check doesn't pick them all up, since "sin" is as good a word as "sun" is. So what's a bad typist to do? I think basically I need a good secretary.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Its a cloudy day here in Bonac today and pretty unusual as this summer goes. I cannot remember a more pleasant summer in my lifetime, with abundant sun and little humidity - I really have enjoyed this summer more than any in my memory.

But today the clouds are covering the beautiful blue of the summer sky and this is the perfect day for putting the finishing touches on my sin porch, which has been waiting for weeks now. We began a renovation in January, which involved electrical work, plaster repairs, and lots of painting and patching. We did everything but pour new fittings (which was needed but we figured this would last at least through our lifetime!) and then, despite us making great progress with newly hung cabinets and a lovely new L-shaped desk top, suddenly all progress came to a grinding halt. My daughter arrived with her family for their annual summer visit. So there it sat for seven weeks while we cavorted and played with the grand kids. Until they left the first week of August and suddenly progress began once again.

So today I finally have a full, empty day to get out there and finish organizing the cabinets and make room for the computer and printer to be set up. We will finally have a new home office!

Today the clouds are a welcome addition - they'll keep the heat of the sun out of the windows where I'm working and they'll also serve to keep me from wanting to leave the house. Because nothing is worse that a summer Saturday in August with no sun when it comes to the roads and shops. No - I'll gladly stay right here at home thank you very much!

Friday, August 22, 2014


As I was leaving the CVS yesterday I wondered exactly where we can go anymore to get what we used to call "service".

In this particular case I wasn't even looking for help finding anything, although that is sometimes an issue. There are small shops that still give you good service when you're looking for clothing or other personal items, although those places are few and far between! But what I was thinking about was the simple process of checking out. Because I had done the "self-checkout" at CVS.

I hve no doubt that store will claim that the consumers save money by having these self-check out counters where you scan your own items and then pay by either sliding your cash into the machine or swiping your credit card, but I think the truth of the matter is that the businesses are the ones who save money. After all, they need far fewer checkers and lines move faster (sometimes) so people get in and out more quickly. But regardless of the bottom line, I miss having someone else check me out! I like sharing a smile and a few words with the person behind the counter.

Call me crazy, but in this impersonal world, sometimes that's the closest thing you gt to intimacy anywhere...

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Both my sisters have birthdays this week and I was very jealous of them when I was a child. They probably resented the fact that they had to celebrate their birthdays together but I thought is was great because the party was always huge. Double everything from people to cake, and it was also in the summer when the party was always outside in the sunshine and the parents hung around to enjoy my parents back yard as well. It always seemed like a great occasion.
My own birthday is in March, when everyone is moping around complaining about the winter and wishing for spring. More than once my party was cancelled on account of weather.

Now I actually enjoy having a winter birthday because it brings a little special chance to celebrate something drying the long dark days of March and the busyness of summer makes that seem much less attractive to me. But for so many years, I thought they were incredibly lucky. And I was not.

This week they both celebrate their birthdays and I'm happy to say those old grudges are long gone now. At my age I've learned to value family above all else and consider myself incredibly blessed to have two sisters in my life. May they both celebrate many, many more August birthdays!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Having twins in the family is really like having a science project that last a really long time. I am fascinated by the things I observe with these two little girls!

They are nearly 2-years-old now and they are fraternal twins as opposed to identical ones. Which is where the fascination comes into play. Of course having had four children of my own I knew very well how different each one was and how little we parents really have to do with what kind of adults they will become, but watching these two up close and personal certainly reinforces those ideas.

Of course I know that parents teach their children a lot when it comes to right and wrong morality, and kindness for instance.. But in terms of personality I think they are born with those completely. These girls are so different, from the way they eat their food to the way they react to surprise, or pain, or disappointment. There is nothing to say they are "of the same cloth", so to speak. They are unique and wonderful beings that will be unique and wonderful adults.

What an amazing world it is.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ellen's Run

Sunday was the last year for our team to do Ellen's Run and it was a great day.

Ellen's Run was begun nearly 20 years ago as a way for someone to honor her sister Ellen who died of breast cancer. All the money raised goes to breast cancer causes, mostly the local hospital's breast center which was created as a result of this funding quite a few years ago now.

Six years ago we put together our first team at the suggestion of my niece. I had just completed treatment and was not strong enough to walk myself but over 30 friends and family members did. Since that first year we've won four trophies for largest team (over 80 members one year) and brought many new converts to the race/walk who had never participated in the past.

We knew this would be the final year for the team simply because it is a huge undertaking for me to put together and my time and energy are spent elsewhere now in terms of fund raising efforts. But we will continue to participate for sure.

As this was my fifth anniversary of being cancer free, it seemed a fitting ending.

Monday, August 18, 2014


When I posted Saturday about Alzheimer's Disease I used the term "housecoat" which brought back so many memories! It took me to a time when my grandmothers wore aprons and set their hair in rollers and pin curls. And always had "housecoats".

These were what we would call "bathrobes" today but they were a bit different. They zipped up the front, were never floor length, and had a very distinctive look about them. Usually I seem to think they would be completely dressed underneath with the exception of their nice dress that they were trying to protect by not putting it on until they left the house. These were the days of hand washing delicate fabrics and ironing everything. So it certainly is understandable that they wanted to protect their good clothes!

I remember many times seeing my grandmothers in their housecoats when I would go visit. Sometimes they were also in curlers, having to had time yet to get themselves brushed out and ready for the day, but usually they had just taken off or were about to put o their dresses for the day. Neither of them ever wore pants!

I have seen the modern equivalent of the housecoat when moving among the racks of Macy's or J.C.Penny, but I imagine they are not quit as popular as they used to be With modern fabrics and our more active lifestyle I cannot even imagine having time to hang around the house before I get ready to leave in the morning. But a nice comfy robe to get into after dark, now that's a whole different issue!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


This week has felt like fall. Not in terms of the crazy streets or busy sidewalks, but in terms of the weather.

Every night this week we slept with the windows wide open ad the air conditioning off. Every morning I needed sleeves on my arms when I sat in the living room in front of the open window. And every day I enjoyed the pleasant, non-humid air as I went about my business. It was delightful.

Which brings me to my fear. I am thinking that the last two weeks of August are going to be hot and very humid, or September may be miserable. But it seems as though these unusual weather times always reverse themselves so something is coming, I know it!

I'm not complaining about this unusual weather, believe me. I love it. But it does scare me a little. I hate heat and humidity and hope it doesn't appear at all for the rest of the season. And honestly, if this is "global warming", I'll take it! Ha!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mind games

For the first time in the seven years I've been doing this blog I failed to post something. That was yesterday. Then I forgot again today, reminded only by my faithful graphics aid (my husband) who attaches a petty photo or cute graphic of some type to every post. And so that brings me to the great fear shared by everyone of my generation as we age: memory loss.

My paternal grandmother had some type of dementia. No one was talking about Alzheimer's at that point in time and we didn't know about the disease, but we did know about elderly people becoming demented and sometimes needing care in a facility, as she did. It began when she started leaving her house in a slip or "housecoat" (as her generation called them) and walking into town or to our house. She lived alone and it was not long after that when she came to live with my parents for a while before, eventually, being moved into a nursing home. I remember her attending my wedding and the following week was taken away.

It seems ironic that a week after my daughter's wedding my mother-in-law needed someone to move into her as she was also a victim of Alzheimer's Disease. I don't know whether my grandmother had Alzheimer's because there are, or course, other causes of dementia and back then there were too many unknowns. But nevertheless, I've had enough experience with old age and memory loss to make me terrified of it. And I think most of my generation feels the same way.

So, hopefully this little lapse of mine was simply an oversight and nothing more. But now....I'm going to be wondering. Such is life when you pass the age of 60! LOL

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Calendars are interesting things. I don't know who invented them and the idea boggles my mind - I mean who makes the decision to divide the year into 52 weeks, and each week into 7 days, etc? Honestly, the things we take for granted that are totally amazing. But I digress.

I have a calendar at work on my desk. It's one of those big things that doubles as a desk pad so its right under you when you are working, and you pull each top sheet off as each month passes. anyway, I've taken to crossing days off as each one passes, which is sort of a mixed blessing. On the one hand I can see exactly where I am when looking at the month. On the other hand I can see exactly where I am when looking at the month.

Yesterday as I crossed yet another day off of August I could visually see that the month is half over. How does this happen so quickly? But there was no mistaking it - there it was in front of me - half the month crossed off and only two full weeks left. Wow. The summer when time sped up, yet again, for me.

Well, time and tide waits for no man (or woman) as they've been saying for many generations now, and thus it is true! Time is flying by - especially this summer - and I have created a visual reminder of that which I look at all the time now. Just not sure that's a good thing....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We had some rain last night and will most probably having it most of today too. This has been such a rare occurrence this summer that it almost feels like an affront. How dare nature send us rain?

But the rain is so cleansing - and although that term is overused in connection with it, there's a reason. That is exactly the way it feels. It's as though nature comes along and just washes everything around us, from the street to the grass to the buildings to the cars - the water, especially if its heavy, does the job of wiping it all clean. And there is nothing quit like the smell and feel of the air after a heavy rain. It is light and fresh and simply "clean". Yes - cleansing is the right word.

So today, despite our desire for sunshine and blue skies, the rain is doing its job and will leave us with a cleaner, fresher world tomorrow. At least our little part of it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


My post yesterday got me thinking about working with my hands. Because I have always enjoyed handwork, from baking to knitting to artwork of all types, I love creating something with my own hands. And I wonder how much of that is genetic.

My ancestors on one side of the family were blacksmiths who made strap hinges and door locks for a living as well as shoeing horses. They must have been real craftsmen with a gift for making beautiful things with their hands.

My two grandmothers were both very artistic. One had her own art studio in her apartment - a room dedicated to her painting - and she wasn't incredibly talented but she wasn't bad either. The other grandmother showed great promise early on and I have some watercolors that she did when she was only eight years old  framed and In one of my guest rooms. They are quite beautiful and don't look like the work of a child by any means. She was also a musician so she played both piano and organ, making lots of wonderful music with her hands.

So that makes me think there must be a genetic factor at work here. After all, artists of all types have been handing o=down their genetic matter to future generations for years.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The deer continue to annoy the heck out of me.

Last week my daughter left and took her dog with her. Sammy, the cockapoo, had been in and around the house for seven weeks and I didn't realize what an amazing job he did keeping the deer away until he left. This week they ate my geraniums and completely got the strawberry plant, both of which were up on my deck right by the back door.

My daughter thinks I should get a Sammy of my own. The problem is, as cute and charming as he is, I don't think its worth the trade-off.

What's the trade-off? Well, in exchange for a cute little face that will keep me company when no one else does, and a great deer  hunter, I also get: another mouth to feed, another responsibility to take care of, another thing to take to the doctor, take for walks, and clean up after, and another thing to love that will someday break my heart.

Nope - definitely not worth it. I'm going to look for some mesh to cover the flowers with..

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Half way

Believe it or not we are halfway through the month of August already. How quickly time moves.

Well - actually we are only a third of the way through the month now that I think about it. Apparently this is an unusual month in that there are 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays and that is a rarity. I read somewhere that it happens only once every few hundred years. So we have three more weekends to enjoy and I hope to do just that.

Let's see - we can do a few nights on the deck entertaining friends. Or we could make a couple trips to the north fork like we did last week. It was the best stress reliever I've had in a long time now. We haven't been out to the Montauk Lighthouse yet so that's a possibility, although I do like saving that for a cool and quiet autumn night when the crowds have moved on elsewhere.

So - not really halfway just yet, but August is flying by. As is life.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I am so loving this summer! I would imagine there are a lot of disappointed heat-lovers out there but I am not one of them and this summer, so far, has been a dream one true for me! Very few days have been uncomfortably hot and humid and for the most part I've enjoyed most every moment of it. One of my all time favorites for sure.

I'm not sure what that means for the winter to come. Already they are predicting a long cold one, which is what we had last year, but I'm not worried. I didn't mind this one just passed despite the cold, so I can deal with another one to come. But of course that is only projection anyway and may or may not turn out to be reality. In six short months we'll know exactly what we're in for!

The best thing about snow is it makes the spring air that much more precious when it does come. And those winter landscapes that make way for spring flowers just serve to make us treasure the colors to come. For everything a time and season, right? The beautiful book of Ecclesiastes had it right all along!

Friday, August 8, 2014


I went to a glass studio a couple weeks ago and made myself some jewelry.

Some years ago I went with some girlfriends to New Hampshire where we spent a day at the home of a glass artisan, making fun things to bring home with us. It was great training because I learned what doesn't work well when glass is melted in a kiln, and knew if I ever had the chance to do it again I would do something really nice

So when this opportunity came along I jumped at the chance and made myself a beautiful necklace and matching earrings which I love so much that I wore them the night I received them from them fresh from the kiln. And it all reminded me of how much I wish I had some sort of studio space for artwork. I love making pottery, and making jewelry, and playing with all types of media to make beautiful things. If only I'd had space I would have been making lots of fun things over the years.

My husband could have used a nice workshop too as he has always been pretty good with his hands. Oh the things he could have made!

Which brings me to one of the great regrets of my life. That the house we bought turned out to have a wet basement. Which meant it has never been appropriate for children to play in, or for  wood working shop, or for a place to set up a kiln or pottery wheel.

Oh the simple regrets off life!


I've settled in to a simple routine for breakfast these latter years in my life, which consists of a simple granola cereal with some extra sliced almonds sprinkled on the top and skim milk to float it all. It provides me with my daily fiber and is a simple, yummy, daily dose of some of the vitamins I need so it works for me. But sometimes I remember the breakfasts of long ago and wish I could go back to the time when Mom made all my meal and all I had to do was enjoy them.

I love french toast and pancakes and eggs of all sorts. When those rare occasions occur when I'm in a restaurant for breakfast, I stress over the many choices because its such an unusual pleasure ad I want to try it all. Sometimes a breakfast buffet is a nice choice, but I find the food at most buffets is never quite as good as the platters delivered directly to your table. The home fries are soggier and the pancakes as well - not as fresh and delicious as a picky person like me might like. But at least I do get to sample everything.

How great would it be to have a private chef that would whip up whatever it is you feel like having when you climb out of bed in the morning. Bacon and eggs? No problem! Whole wheat toast? Well of course! French toast and sausage? Why not!

Well - I've always known I was meant to be born to royalty.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Yesterday morning I came downstairs about 6:30 and grabbed the mornng newspaper, settling down on the couch to read the morning news. As I raised the roman shades on the front windows to let the full light in and sat in front of one, I couldn't help but wonder how many people were still sleeping through this, the most perfect part of my summer days. They just didn't know what they were missing.

I love the erly morning. The filtered light is soft and gentle and everthing outside looks beautiful. The air, which will feel heavy and think later, is crisp and cool and incredibly comfortable.And best of all, with all my windows open to the world, it is blessedly quiet. I listen to an occasional car pass by but otherwise I can hear birds and......absolutely nothing. It's just a little piece of heaven here in the busy world of summer.

Very often its the simplest things that bring joy to our lives: a hug, a kind word, a sunset, and a cool summer morning. The things that make life such a joy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Last night we had dinner with friends and we went to the North Fork. Its one of my favorite things to do in the summer. The ride over on the ferry was gorgeous - both ferries actually - and it was a great, sunny day.

Driving across Shelter Island is always a pleasure. It's a little bit like being in another country as you meander along the narrow roads there, no major highways in sight and traffic moving at a nice easy pace. Life feels calmer on Shelter Island. That might be only an outsiders view and those who live there may be as haggard as we are, but it feels different.

Greenport is a world unto itself as well, so much like East Hampton used to be and yet unique as well. I love that its right there on the wharf and you can walk from shops to boats, eating an ice cream cone or just taking in the view.

Of course, an evening with friends is always a treat. And usually just what the
doctor ordered.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We are at the point in the summer when we're beginning to count the weeks until Labor Day. The traffic has begun to get us down and the crowds have become overwhelming and we're ready to get it all over with.

Which is sad really. There are still weeks of summer to enjoy, and we will do that, but at the same time there is a growing resentment present and that takes some of the bloom off the rose. I wish we could experience just one summer with no visitors at all. How amazing would that be??? To be able to attend any of the many wonderful events that happen here without fighting crowds; travel around the two forks without traffic clogging the roads; to go to the movie theater and not worry about there being tickets left - these are all things that would be amazing!

Well, we always wish for what we don''t have now don't we? I wish I was thin, I wish I was younger, I wish I was rich....such is the human condition! We all learn to appreciate what we have, who we are, and the blessings of life.  It takes awhile, but we do learn....

Monday, August 4, 2014


There has been a lot of life in this house.

My home was built in about 1920 by my great uncle and its the house next door to the one I grew up in. My uncle built it for his new bride and they lived in it until they were both gone, at which time their daughter, my father's cousin, inherited it. And she sold it to us in 1979. We've been here ever since.

In this house we raised four children. Now we have ten grandchildren and they spend a good amount of time here. We love to babysit and we love to have them all here whenever we can, despite the close quarters for so many bodies. It's worth the craziness to have them all around.

Sometimes I wish we had a bigger house, but then that would be a lot more work so it's best we don't. No doubt when the kids get bigger it is going to seem smaller. But here's the thing: we have thirty-five years of love invested in this house. I don't think I could ever leave...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sad day

Today is a sad day at my house. Because no matter how long you have the people you love around, its never long enough. You would think the goodbyes would get easier with time, but they don't - they get harder. I think its because you feel time slipping through your hands and know that each one could be the last. Must be an aging thing!

Today the Pennsylvania family packed up and moved back to their own state, leaving us behind with aching hearts longing for one more hug and one more chance to chat in person and....well you get the idea! We always want "one more" and even as they drove out of the driveway I was wishing for just a little more time.

Life is funny like that. The good times are never long enough. The special moments go too quickly. And we always wish for more.

We saw "The Lion King" while they were here. We went in to NYC and saw the Broadway production, which was amazing. And just as before, the production of "The Circle of Life"brought tears. I think because sitting there with my grand kids just made it even more poignant.Life goes by so quickly and too soon the children grow into adults.

So now we look forward to our next visit. It just can come quickly enough.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Looks like we're in for an unusual weekend this summer - overcast and rainy. This is unheard of in this, the summer of the sun! I don't think we've had one bad weekend for many weeks now so it will be a bit of an adjustment for sure.

This is the last weekend with our Pennsylvania family, always a bittersweet time. We are grateful for the many weeks we've had with them here but incredibly sad to see them go. Every yer it's more difficult to say goodbye after getting used to having them with us. The older the kids get, the more special our time is together as we share thoughts and ideas and do fun things not possible with little ones. They have moved from the "child" to "real person" stage and we love being with them. Even the youngest has a very strong personality and point of view and our times together are very special.

We'll see them again in September but it won't be the same as the easy-going hours we've had here this summer. Weekends are more frantic and go too quickly.

Then again, any time with them does....

Friday, August 1, 2014


Here we are - the dreaded month of August. As traffic built throughout this past week locals everywhere were looking at each other with that knowing look and saying "It's almost August". And now here it is.

If the weather in August is as wonderful as it has been in July I promise not to complain. But we know that the traffic will be worse and the people more rude than what we've endured throughout these past four weeks. Thus it is ever so! But hey - its summer in East Hampton and this i the life we've chosen, right? We know its coming every year and every yer it does. For my entire life I've lived here and always the summers come and go, bringing with them the good and the bad. Such is life!

It's August now and that's not a bad thing!