Thursday, July 31, 2014


A friend posted the other day about taking his grandchild to the playground and I was reminded of an amusing thing that happened to us last year.

We have neighbors who only come out for the month of August and they rent rooms in the large farmhouse that they inherited a couple years ago. It had been run as a rooming house for many years by their aunt and before that here mother as it is an old nineteenth century home with many small bedrooms and both ladies were widowed, taking in guests to help pay the bills. Well this couple who owns it now live in Europe and since they only come out in August the do nothing to the property until late July when a crew comes in to trim the long stretches of hedges along with cleaning up the trees, flower beds, and other general areas around the large considerable grounds. All of this takes a good couple days and is aggravating to us as it is much more of a job to do all this at once after it has become overgrown than it would be to keep it trimmed and looking nice beginning in the spring. For an entire weekend we listen to hedge trimmers and lawnmowers and weed whackers non-stop just under our open windows. It is impossible to spend any time outside during these weekends.

Well, one weekend two years ago some of this racket was taking place when we were trying to eat on our deck so it was late in the afternoon, well after the noise ordinance for landscaping came into effect, and we could not even have a conversation. When the homeowners had arrived a week or so later and had been in residence a few weeks my daughter happened to be outside when the neighbor was close to the property line and said hello. They had a pleasant conversation and she, not wanting to complain but gently let him know what was happening to our peaceful weekends in July, mentioned the noise from a few weekends ago and he shrugged and said something about it being one of the "sounds of the summer" and in fact one of their guests had complained about the noise of the "children playing" in our yard.

I'm not sure if that was a defensive comment or not but really? Comparing children playing in the yard to gas powered awn equipment? I don't even know what to say to that!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


One of the joys of summer is the ability to wander around at night. Last night we went to dinner in Sag Harbor with some of the family. Afterward we wandered down the street for frozen yogurt and then wandered back to the car at our leisure. No speedy run from building to car in the freezing cold and no careful avoiding of ice or snow banks.

I don't mind the winter and I'm not a big fan of summer, except that I love to be able to wander in these nice warm, long and bright days of July and august. The kids can stay up later, we can enjoy the sunshine into the night hours, and it's just fun to meander around the various village streets.

Life is different in the various seasons and I guess that's what I like most about the summer - its a nice change.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Tuesdays are one of my busiest days. I am out of bed with the sun and out of the house by 7 and don't stop for the rest of the day.

First I head to the hospital in Southampton where I volunteer as an "Ambassador" for two hours a week. I walk a lot there - one time I wore a pedometer and clocked in nearly 3 miles - and usually work up a good sweat before I leave. I enjoy this volunteer time because it reminds me of how grateful I am not to be a patient at the moment!

When I leave the hospital I make a quick drive through McDonald's where I pick up a large diet coke to go with the lunch I packed at home and from there I head to Sag Harbor to work at the Old Whalers' Church there. Once there I sort the mail, work on putting together the new bulletin, and do some general office work. I am there until 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Once home I sort my own mail, maybe pay some bills or do some cleaning, and hopefully take a break for my tired legs while I do it. Tonight I have my monthly ambulance meeting so I need to grab my down time while I can.

Tuesdays are busy days and every week I get into bed at night very tired, and very grateful to have busy days...

Monday, July 28, 2014


This morning I was awakened abut 5:15 by a loud clap of thunder and the storm continued for a short time, clearly audible even over the noise of the bedroom air conditioner. It was a reminder of nature's fury.

The day is crisp and sunny now thought, and the air has that heavy feel that comes after the storm. The sky is blue and a bit cloudy, as the storm continues to push off to the west. And it feels clean outside. The time right after a storm is always special.

I am sitting in my living room with five of my ten grandchildren, listening to them play together and counting my blessings. The storm has passed, I am surrounded by my blessings, and all is right with the world. It just doesn't get any better. And these are moments to cherish. Which I do...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Early hours

We are early risers in our house. I wasn't always that way - when we were first married I had no problem staying in bed until 10am on my days off - but years of having to be up early for jobs and getting children ready for school have had their effect and now I find it pretty impossible to stay in bed once the sun comes up. These days if I stay in bed until 7 that constitutes "sleeping in".

But here's what I love about the early hours of the day:

The air is cool and comfortable in the summer. Oh there are rare days when the humidity is so high that walking out of the air conditioned bedroom feels like entering a sauna, but those are not the norm. On most mornings the air is crisp and sitting on the couch reading the paper is a pleasure.

It's also wonderfully quiet early in the morning. Traffic on weekends is almost non-existent, which is a rarity where we live. The traffic noise I listen too all day doesn't really start until about 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends and it is a lovely respite.

There are no crowds early in the day. I can run to the grocery store, the bagel store, the dump - any place open for business is blessedly still and easy to maneuver with no crowds and generally happy people behind the counters.

Best of all, there is a special beauty in the early morning hours. The sky is especially blue, the light stunning as it peeks through the tops of trees and around buildings, and it casts a special glow, announcing the gift that I've been given: another day of life.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The fair

Today is LVIS Fair day in East Hamptonn and it is one of the great traditions here that I love participating in.

The LVIS - Ladies Village Improvement Society - was formed over 100 years ago to work on the issue of dusty streets. The ladies raised money to buy a water cart to wet the dirt down and keep the dust down, and the rest is history.  Over the years the generations of ladies have take care of our trees,

Friday, July 25, 2014

The city

Every time I go into "the city", which of course means Manhattan, I feel like such a country mouse.

Wednesday I spent the day there courtesy of my daughter who bought tickets to go see The Lion King with her kids (along with my niece and her kids). We had such a great day, despite the heat and humidity and my aching legs yesterday! But it never fails to make me feel insignificant in the world, and a little lost in that metropolis. Times Square is overwhelming with the numbers of people and crazy sights to see. Everything from "naked" cowboys to ladies dressed like princesses in purple sequins and tiaras - we saw it all.

The feeling of being small and unimportant cannot help but follow you, and yet there are also moments of personal connectiveness that make you happy to be human, like the theater manager holding on to the iPod left behind and returning it with a smile to a frantic twelve-year-old, or the waiter in the restaurant who was so attentive and kind. There is a touch of human kindness wherever we go, even in a city of millions.

I never feel competent in the city. I don't even try using the subway, although looking for a cab at rush hour made me which I had the guts to learn it. And I love that the best of everything i just within reach, like the amazing cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery.

Most of the fun was being with family, or course, but there is always adventure to be had in "the city".

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The kids have had plenty of days at the beach this summer - the weather has been pretty spectacular.

I always feel badly when the summer weather is bad. Every few years we have one that involved a lot of rain and overcast days, which are hardly the thing that we would call great "beach weather". I know the local shops may enjoy that weather - they certainly benefit from it - but the folks who pay a lot of money for their vacation on the sand certainly don't. There is nothing fun about being cooped up in a hotel room, that's for sure. So my sympathies are with them when that happens. But this year, at least so far, that has not bee a problem. We've had plenty of sun and blue skies.

Of course August could be another story. The one thing that's always true about the weather is it is uncontrollable. More predictable now than in years past, but still - it is what it is. Hopefully it will be beautiful in August too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We have been plagued by ants this year. I don't know if its a local problem or only ours, but this old house seems to attract them and I find them very annoying.

Usually when they appear they are the big ones and they appear in the kitchen. But this year they are almost microscopic and they have come up through a tiny hold next to the shower in the bathroom upstairs. Suddenly there they were, swarming around this tiny opening between the wall and the floor, and it took days for an ant trap to do its work. Now its a matter of vacuuming up what's left behind.

It's always something - mice in the fall, ants in the summer - I suppose  should be grateful I don't live where the scorpions or lizards reside. I'm not sure I could handle that...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


On Friday last week I remarked to my granddaughter that there was not a single cloud in the clear, bright blue sky. She and I were driving to Amagansett along Further Lane and it was a beautiful drive. I was struck by the colors of the green trees against the amazing deep blue and we both admired the wonderful summer day. The following day the sky was obliterated completely with clouds, an overcast and dark day. What a contrast!

We didn't mind the
clouds though as we had tickets to a theater production of "Mary Poppins" at the Patchogue Theater and it was nice not to have a perfect beach day to waste inside. Some of the family spent time on the water in their boat in the morning but by noon we were all heading west and it was a fun day for kids and adults alike. That show is a great family outing and a good time was had by all. We've been enjoying our family time this summer while the "out-of-staters" are here and the kid are all loving their cousin time.

Sometimes the clouds show up at the most opportune times. Saturday was one of the for us.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Time is never more fleeting than these weeks when our daughter and her family are visiting from their home in Pennsylvania.

I think we are fortunate beyond measure that this part of our family is able to come spend so many weeks with us in the summer every year. Few people I know who have family in other parts of the country have this rare opportunity for being together. So I'm not at all ungrateful. But I have to say in some ways its harder to see them go after such an extended stay. We become so accustomed to seeing them every day, to being with the kids and laughing with them, playing with them, just being part of their lives, that the loss is felt even more painfully than when our visits are for a short weekend or just a few days. We become familiar with their uniqueness and find great joy in their presence. As I said, I know how lucky we are. But.....

I often think back to earlier times when no one ever wandered far from home, unless they were ministers or some other profession where they had to move from place to place. For the most part people were born, raised, married, and died in the same communities up until about WWII when our society became so mobile. I think I should have been born about 100 years ago. Then the longing for loved ones far from home would not even be an issue.

But alas, life has its challenges, and this is one of them today. So we face it and we deal with it and make the best of it, right? For me, these precious few weeks in the summer, when all my family is in the same place and we can sit around the deck on a summer evening watching the children play and laughing together, well they are totally the best of life.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Yes indeed, true to form, the weeds are beginning to take over at my house.

My mother was a champion weeder. She was constantly in her garden, even at the age of 80, on her knees in the dirt. She would be covered in brown when she was done, but it gave her actual pleasure to pull those weeds and work in her garden. I wish I had both her joy and the time to find it. I hate weeding, probably in no small part that I have arthritis in my knees and its downright painful for me to be on them for long, not to mention the difficult in getting up to an upright position when I'm done. So weeding is no small task for me. I try to do it standing, which takes a toll on the back in very short order, so my weeding times are not long. I assume if I do a few minutes here and a few minutes there it will add up to a weeded garden, but it doesn't. By this time every year things are looking pretty shabby.

Well, it is what it is. I wish I could afford to have someone come weed for me, but I can't, and as hard as I've tried to create a maintenance-free garden area, there really is no such thing. So I think August will forever be known around my house as the month of the weeds....

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Yesterday morning I got up and dressed and realized I needed a sweater. Could this really be the end of July?

I'm not sure what we did to deserve this, but the weather has been outstanding this year so far. I am almost fearing August because it seems as though the heat and humidity must be lurking somewhere right around the corner. I mean, can this really be the most perfect summer ever in terms of weather or are we in for a miserable August, or a hurricane, or some other disastrous thing. I am a little bit afraid.

Well no matter - I am simply taking this one day at a time and enjoying this wonderful month of not too hot, not too humid weather and I'll take the next month as it comes. After all, half a wonderful summer is better than none!

As one of those rare people who isn't particularly fond of summer, I'm not at all unhappy.

Friday, July 18, 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with umbrellas.

I actually own a few umbrellas. Some are stored in the coat closet and I have one small, portable one in the sleeve on the door of my car. That's the one for unexpected rain showers when I simply wasn't prepared with a nice big one. It does come in handy occasionally.

But honestly most of the time I don't bother with an umbrella at all. I find them unwieldy and difficult. More than once I've nearly been blinded by someone else's umbrella as they mindlessly maneuver them in a crowd. And honestly, its only water, right? So unless I am dressed for  a special occasion, or just had my hair done professionally (a very rare thing), or need to go into an absolute monsoon, I simply take it as it comes. A wet head is not the end of the world, is it? And the problem with monsoons is they usually include wind, the worst thing possible in conjunction with any umbrella.

Besides, only part of you actually gets protected by the umbrella anyway. The bottom half is always wet. Only the giant golf umbrellas do the trick really well and those are dangerous things to deal with. No thanks - I'll take the rain....

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Wednesday night we had a sleepover at our house. Two of our granddaughters spent the night here, and it was an experience that reminded us both of the early days of our marriage when we had little one at home.

These girls could not be any cuter together. They are cousins and one has siblings but she is the youngest of three. The other is a few years younger and is an only child. So both of them get something special from this relationship. he older one treats the younger one like the little sister she doesn't have and the younger one loves having an older "sister" to do things with.

I loved watching them interact and work together in their play. Just like with my own children, their parents, they displayed annoyance, impatience, joy, and lots and lots of love. It's about family. And making memories. There's nothing better.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We have not managed to get much of the rain these past few days - happily I might add, but it has been overcast and humid and it feels as though the air could be squeezed out it is so heavy. Oh the joys of summer!

Finally this morning the rains comes and hopefully that will clear the humidity for a few days to come. I am longing for air that doesn't feel oppressive when you walk outside. Even in the air conditioning you can feel the weight of it.

We are about halfway through July now and it seems as though the summer is flying by. Time is so elusive and the older we get the more we feel it running out, like the sand in an hour glass, our lives becoming smaller and smaller as we go from day to day.

Well the rain was needed and we won't begrudge it. By this afternoon it should be well passed. On to the weekend!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


These couple days there are storms all around us. The predictions have for "scattered showers, sometimes including strong winds and heavy rain" - could be nothing -could be something serious.

These are the kind of predictions that always are difficult to deal with. It's hard to make alternate plans when you may not need them. Do we go to the trouble o moving everything inside for nothing?

I think this is one of the most difficult things about the summer - too much ambiguity in the weather!

Thankfully the warmth of summer makes rain a non-issue in some cases. After all, its only water and as long as we're not eating in it, it won't hurt to get a little wet!

So, rain or not, summer means outdoors. Hair dries, clothes dry, and mostly anything can be done if necessary. So bring on the rain!

Monday, July 14, 2014


One of the most distinctive smells of this time of year is the musty, moldy smell that comes with humidity.

It's only been a few years since we first put an air conditioner in our bedroom so I think I wasn't quite as aware of it as I am now. After all, the entire house smelled musty so it just seemed normal to me. But now, after spending the night in my temperature controlled room, which is also blessedly void of humidity, that's changed. The other day I walked out of my bedroom early in the morning and was immediately struck by the smell - it was that dank, cellar smell that is so distinctive. The humidity had done its work and my house is now what y other would call "dank".  The upholstered furniture holds the moisture like so many sponges and the entire house begins to display the fact - all you need to do is walk in the door - or out of one - to notice it.

Well, 'tis the season! At least we don't have mold growing on our walls the way we did back in Amagansett when we were newlyweds. I once took a white dress out of the closet to wear and there was mildew all over the back of it where it came into contact with the back wall of the closet. Lesson learned!

So far the weather has been tolerable, even for this person who is not fond of the heat and humidity. So I'm not really complaining - just observing. Next week, or the week after, may be another story....

Sunday, July 13, 2014


We had our first corn-on-the-cob of the season the other night. It may have been available earlier but I hadn't noticed and when I realized it was available at th farm stand I bought some and t was delish!

The corn is amazing when its freshly picked and I could make an entire meal of it with no problem. There is something so amazing about getting things right out of the field and putting them on the table, whether it be corn, beans, or potatoes, and thankfully we still have enough farmers around here to keep the stands full every day. I sometimes think about how exiting it must have been to our ancestors when they had fresh food from the farms because in earlier times they didn't have the ability to buy produce at the grocery store the way we do. They had to can and freeze things and they certainly didn't taste the way even our modern produce does when we get it at the store.

I any case, we are in for a lot of great fresh food these months and I need to remember to take advantage of that. Squash, tomatoes, cucumbers....all there for the taking! Oh and lots of fresh corn too....

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The word "weekend" takes on a whole new meaning in the summer, doesn't it? At least around here it does.

Winter weekends are about being at home, doing projects, watching TV, reading, laundry, etc. But int he summer we gear up for weekend, not down, and they are busy busy busy. It seems as though every one involve at least one event to attend, sometimes two or three, and choices to be made, like which beach to go to or what to grill that night. Things are so much ore complicated in the summer!

I love the craziness of the summer but I have to say honestly that by the end of August I'm looking forward to the darker, quieter days of winter. There is less pressure on the weekends and more time to do nothing at all.

Of course I say that now, but once the autumn is upon us, it will be all about Christmas coming! Ha!

Friday, July 11, 2014


I've always been fascinated by the whole issue of who we find attractive.

When I was young I had a very specific ideal in mind for the person I would spend my life with. He would be blond, blue-eye, and be a musician. Those were the things I found attractive. How surprising that I married someone with dark hair and brown eyes. He does have musical abilities but he's not the crooner I thought I would marry. Interestingly, our hearts do not always follow that ideal. I should say "fortunately" because he was for sure the right person for me to be with and had I restricted myself to blonds I may never have made that connection.

So what is it about someone who makes that person attractive to us? I learned that it has much more to do with their hearts and their souls than it does about their physical attributes. I'm grateful for that because I doubt I was any body's ideal. I have never considered myself very attractive - certainly not ugly, but not most men's dream girl in any case. But someone did find me attractive enough, at least at one time, to want to be with. Isn't this one of the great mysteries of life??? I think so anyway...

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I think the one thing I - like almost everybody else - was not prepared for when I became an adult, was paying bills.

Of course I knew that being an adult meant responsibility and having to pay for everything I did. But its the regular, monthly onslaught that I think I just didn't quite grasp. Even when I am extremely conservative and make a concerted effort not to spend money, the bills come: electricity, water, heat, etc. And even before I owned a home and payed a mortgage, there was the rent. Life, it seems, costs a lot of money and we have to pay for it every month.

Of course I suppose if a person is wealthy enough they could pay cash for a house and be pretty self-sufficient in terms of creating their own energy and such, but mostly even the wealthy live on a monthly basis, paying those bills every thirty days like clockwork.

It certainly teaches you a lot about responsibility. There are consequences to not paying those bills on time! But I do know some people who seem to have a hard time getting places on time and remembering the things they are supposed to be doing. And I sometimes wonder how they manage to keep their lives straight. It must be a challenge.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Growing up

I think one of the most amazing things about being a grandparent is the way we are able to sit back and watch these kids grow up.

It's interesting, because you would assume since we raised children we would know all about this growing up thing. But the fact of the matter is, we are so busy raising a family that we barely notice it all. Suddenly they are grown and leaving home and we wonder where it all went.

But now, as a grandparent, I sit back in amazement watching these kids become adults. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we are not so involved with all the discipline issues and the school schedules, or maybe its because we aren't with them every moment of every day and if we are alone with them, we are overwhelmed with the way time is slipping s quickly through our fingers, and they are becoming fully grown people before our eyes.

Our two eldest grandchildren are both twelve but they seem more like fifteen-year-olds. They are smart and kind and attractive - all the things you hope for them to be. Soon enough they'll be off to college and we'll be looking at their backs as they leave us, just as their parents did all those years ago. But because I'm less uptight and more relaxed than I was back then, hopefully I'll be enjoying the view and looking forward to their futures as opposed to worrying about what majors they'll choose and who they'll be dating. Because I've already been through all that and I know that all the worrying in the world won't make a bit of difference. Besides, they have great parents. How could they not turn our great too?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Small town

I never appreciate this small town more than right after a holiday. As much as the crowds annoy us and the traffic confounds us, it also serves to make us appreciate what we have. Because if those people are willing to spend hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic, walk shoulder-to-shoulder along Main Street to shop, and stand in line to get a seat at a local restaurant, then it must be a pretty special place.

Rain on the 4th made me appreciate the fact that we were comfortably at home in our comfy house where we could watch TV, bake, do laundry, etc in comfort as opposed to the people in local hotels and B&Bs who must have been bored to tears - desperate enough to walk into the village in the pouring rain. No thanks! But if they were willing to spent their weekend here, just for the chance that the sun would come out and they could get outside, well, I need to appreciate it here for sure.

I'm glad for all those folks that the sun came out on Saturday and they were able to enjoy the beach, or the hiking trails, or their pool - whatever their heart's desired. And I'm glad that I could appreciate my hometown just a little more knowing ho much thy all wished they could stay.

Monday, July 7, 2014


I've always been a breakfast person. I wake up ravenous and I love things like eggs and pancakes and all type of breakfast foods. Nothing is any more fun to me than going out for a nice breakfast!
Unfortunately I'm married to someone who doesn't eat breakfast.

Which got me to thinking about marriage the other day and how differently we would all choose a spouse if we didn't get married until we were older. I read somewhere that there are three stages of marriage and that you marry for different reasons at different ages. When you are young you marry for love. When you are middle-aged you marry for security. And when you are old you marry for companionship. I think that pretty much sums it up. I can totally see how that is true!

I fell in love with my husband partly because I knew he would be a wonderful father, and I wanted to have a family. I knew he was a stable, loving man who was great with kids and would be faithful to me. Those were the things I wanted in a husband. And those are the things I got.

Lately thought I've been thinking about how much fun it would be to be married to someone who wakes up on a random morning and says "Let's go out to breakfast!". Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

(And to my husband who is watching - don't even think about it! I know now it wouldn't be real so it wouldn't count! LOL)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rainy holidays

Waking up July 4th to the sound of the rain was different. I can't honestly remember another Independence Day when it rained so hard, but with a hurricane not far off the shore in the Atlantic it was inevitable this year. Thankfully, having the day fall on a Friday took all the pressure off - our cookout could just be postponed to Saturday, and we were still able to get together and have a little fun.

And rain it did. There were moments when it was coming down so hard it looked like sheets of water in front of the big living room windows. Nothing like a tropical storm to bring out the rain! And it was needed for sure. The lawn was beginning to develop some brown spots and even regular watering of the potted plants on deck doesn't work as well as a good soaking rain every once in awhile.

It also rained hard enough to keep the tourists at home. Not all, of course, but on a light rain/overcast day the traffic would have been backed up in front of the house all day. Clearly people preferred to sit in their hotel rooms and watch TV!

A little rain once in awhile i not a bad thing, and although its not great on a holiday, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Saturday became the holiday this year and it was a beautiful sunny day...

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Every time an East Hampton High School class holds a reunion we are subjected to the same comments on Facebook about how horrible East Hampton has become, posted by some of the folks who came back to visit and see their old friends. And I am always struck by the level of anger/sadness/horror expressed in these posts.

I certainly understand that everyone holds a special place in their hearts for the town they grew up in and perhaps through the years those memories become a bit rose-colored in our minds. But what amazes me is that some people don't seem to understand that everyplace has changed in the past 50 years. In fact, the place where they live now has changed since they moved there. And no doubt there are natives in those places who bemoan those changes. Every small town in America looks different now than it did in the 1950s and 60s.

There is no doubt that the change is startling here in East Hampton. I don't like all of it either. There is too much money being spent on tearing down houses and building newer, bigger ones, by people who are only interested in maximizing their investments as opposed to being good neighbors and being part of a community. I'm sad that the formerly family friendly neighborhoods in our little village are largely inhabited by second-home-owners now. There are few children playing on village streets, and finding qualified folks to serve on our volunteer governmental boards and the local non-profits is difficult. I'm not sure what will happen in twenty years.

But that's the bad news. The good news is this: we are very lucky that this is a place where people want to live and where corporate retail establishments want to do business. There are thousands of little towns all across this nation that have dead Main Streets, abandoned by the shoppers who rush to big box stores where they can save money and have more variety. I've seen these places, driving through them on trips upstate New York, and they are sad, dismal places. Thankfully, our Main Street is vibrant and beautifully kept. I may not be able to afford most of the things for sale at many of the stores, but I'm glad they are here!

There is good and bad in everything and there is certainly good and bad here on the East End. I also miss the place of my childhood, when we were more isolated and "small town", like Mayberry USA. But reading some of the comments by people who no longer like it here is insulting to those of us who have stayed, and also completely unrealistic. It's rather like going to someone's house for dinner and telling your friends after you enjoyed an evening with dinner and gracious hosts, what an ugly house they had. Poor form folks!

Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy Birthday America!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Sometimes living in this resort area is like living in Disney World. There is this pseudo-reality that exists outside of our perfectly normal lives that we have a hard time even understanding.

First there is the mentality of those who are visiting. They seem to assume we are all here for their convenience, like paid staff. They call for an ambulance at 3am simply because they don't want to be bothered to drive themselves to the hospital for simple problem, and order us around like we're their servants. They're shocked when and if they find out we are volunteers.

They are awake and partying at 2am, dressed to the nines and looking like they stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine, while most of us are sleeping.

They expect us to allow them to do whatever it is they need to do, like grocery shopping, when they don't want to do the same. After all, its all about them and their needs.

And they have a hard time understanding why we are frustrated at not being able to move on the roads.

I seem to remember a time when our visitors were much more kind and understanding. Of course they have always been people of privilege and therefore a bit demanding, but still, not quite as rude a they seem to be now. I can't quite figure that out except that we are such a consumer society and so used to visiting resorts where everybody is on staff and there for your convenience. They just aren't accustomed to being in a real community where people have real lives that have nothing to do with them and their needs.

Ah....the holiday is upon us....

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


The frenzy is nearly upon us. We can feel it building - last weekend's traffic was abysmal - and this weekend it will be at it's height for sure. With the holiday falling on a Friday it means lots and lots of people coming out for a nice long weekend, and it will no doubt be unbearable here. It looks as though the weather is going to be great, which only makes it worse! But - it is what it is and after all these years we must be accustomed to the onslaught!

We will no doubt be sticking close to home. Other than forays to other family homes and maybe to church in Sunday, I don't imagine we'll be going far. That's not a bad thing - it sort of forces us to sit back and relax. It's a long weekend for us too, after all!

I don't think we'll venture over to Southampton for the parade - it was a bit of a disappointment last year after a number of years not attending. We won't bother this year. But I wouldn't mind some time o the back deck reading or napping. That I can envision!

Well - it may be the start of the crazy time, as we say, but it is also the mark of the summer season flying by. As usual, it will be over before we know it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


July is here which means the summer is well underway now and so far at least the weather has been blessedly free of the heavy humidity that I hate. So far. This week is supposed to change all that...

July is always a busy month. It seems as though there are things every weekend to attend to and I rarely have the time to entertain here at home. The weeks are filled with outdoor activities and the long days make for extended time spent doing whatever, because as long as its light out we feel we must keep busy!

This July is already shaping up to be just as busy as past ones have been and I am constantly referring to my calendar to stay focused and not forget anything. Not an easy task! But time is fleeting and we need to enjoy every moment of it while we can. Ad so we will. On with July!